About edatanetworks

edatanetworks Inc. (edata), a privately held intellectual property (IP) company established in 2001, has worked with many organizations and conducted multiple live market deployments creating patented philanthropic fintech innovations utilizing existing technological and financial infrastructures—connecting consumers, local merchants, charitable and community organizations, digital media groups, communications companies, search providers, social networks, banks, payment networks and other financial services organizations. edatanetworks Inc. was founded by Terry Tietzen with a vision to develop a community focused intellectual property portfolio, while fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and strategic relationships.

Our Beginnings

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.
–Alexander Graham Bell - circ. 1876

edata began its journey in 2001 with a golf loyalty program (GolfingCard.com) benefitting local junior golf with the primary mission of getting kids to the course. Seeing a huge opportunity emerging, our focus pivoted to financial services, merchant loyalty and benefitting the local community. Through these learnings and successful market deployments, we transitioned into an intellectual property company where ideation, innovation and disruption continue to build value and drive edata forward in new and exciting ways.

For over nineteen years we have innovated and refined the core transaction-centric product into 20 digital assets through six full live market deployments that included a successful bank integration. We have envisioned, designed, patented, and built it into a philanthropic driven SaaS platform for small and medium size businesses, otherwise known as the "Fortune 5 Million." These are the businesses that we live near and care about; they inspire, strengthen and stabilize our local economies.

Our Journey

  • 2001: Deployed Swipe & Win loyalty program for golf
  • 2002: Deployed integrated secondary loyalty card program
  • 2003: Designed co-branded credit/gift card program for golf
  • 2004: Deployed web-based merchant coalition loyalty utilizing credit/debit card data
  • 2005: Developed merchant cross-selling loyalty utilizing credit/debit card data
  • 2006: Introduced Automated Cause Marketing (ACM)
  • 2007: Deployed e-philanthropic VISA gift card with ACM community-centric loyalty
  • 2008: Deployed single merchant focused loyalty program with ACM community component
  • 2009: Designed Next Generation Loyalty architecture and enterprise solution
  • 2010: Discovered, designed and delivered the Next Generation Loyalty product
  • 2011: Enhanced the ACM community driven vision, mission and purpose
  • 2012: Expanded intellectual property portfolio
  • 2013: Integrated with a financial institution
  • 2014: Deployed with a Mastercard-issuing bank, benefitting local community
  • 2015: Introduced Trusted Innovators Lab with IP focus
  • 2016: SaaS platform ready with microservices and APIs
  • 2017: Trusted Innovators Lab completes IP portfolio
  • 2018: IP portfolio readied for monetization in market
  • 2019: Finalized SMB4.0 platform and 20 digital assets
  • 2020: SMB4.0's innovative SaaS platform market ready