Intellectual Property

edatanetworks has registered its copyright assets and has built an extensive Intellectual Property portfolio of patents and trademarks at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Our intellectual property portfolio powers the Network of Giving SaaS platform including ideation and innovation in: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Automated Cause-Based Marketing, Automated Merchant Onboarding, Automated Merchant Onboarding, Automated Merchant-Defined Donations, Biometric Rewards, Blockchain and Smart Contracts, Customer Profiling and Segmentation, Drive-By Rewards, Driving Online Activity Based on Offline Transactions, Financial Services and Payment Networks, Gamification Benefiting Community, Incenting In-Store Transactions & Mobile Wallets, In-Kind Donations, Integration with Ad Platforms, Local e-Cart for Community, Location-Based Advertising and Donations, Loyalty and Reward Programs, Matching Offline Transactions to Online Activity, Matching Offline Transactions to Online Activity, Merchant Quotes for Community, Metaverse for Community, Platform Data Management, Post-Transaction Surveys, Real-Time Merchant Alerts, Real-Time Merchant Alerts, Real-Time Payments for Community, Tokenized Transaction Data, Transaction / Reward Verification, Verified Delivery with Donation, Voice-Based Rewards and Survey Completion.

edatanetworks Intellectual Property Grants from USPTO/CIPO