edatanetworks Inc., a privately held company established in 2001, has worked with many organizations and conducted multiple live markets tests creating patented philanthropic fintech innovations utilizing existing technological and financial infrastructures—connecting consumers, local merchants, charitable and community organizations, digital media groups, communications companies, search providers, social networks, banks, payment networks and other financial services organizations.

edata continues to refine its Software-as-a-Service platform by enhancing the delivered functionality, transaction processes, microservices / API technology while increasing value to participating merchants, consumers, community and charitable organizations. Through its evolution and successful market tests, edata has built an extensive Intellectual Property portfolio of patents and trademarks at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

edatanetworks appoints Don Paulencu as Chairman of the Board and President

January 25 2019: edatanetworks Inc. announces the appointment of Don Paulencu to its Board of Directors. Mr. Paulencu is chairman of the Board of Directors of the publicly traded company, Athabasca Minerals Inc., director on the Board of Directors of KV Mortgage Fund, Vice-President on the Board of Directors of Baseball Canada , and provides advisory services to several privately held companies. Mr. Paulencu was employed at Deloitte for 39 years, and served as audit partner for the last 31 years. Mr. Paulencu served in many leadership capacities in Deloitte's Edmonton office including office managing partner for 10 years, and has provided audit, accounting, tax and advisory services to both public and private companies.

edatanetworks appoints Lewis Nakatsui to the Board of Directors

January 25 2019: edatanetworks Inc. announces the appointment of Lewis Nakatsui to its Board of Directors. Lewis Nakatsui is a founder and chairman of the ManCap Group of Companies and a founder and co-chair of the ManCap Foundation. Mr. Nakatsui has held many senior leadership roles in the Canadian home building industry, including President of the Canadian Home Builders Association.

edatanetworks Enters Market with Intellectual Property

May 22, 2019:edatanetworks enters the market with a comprehensive market deployment playbook delivered through an enterprise Software-as-a-Service platform that utilizes leading-edge micro-services and APIs. The multiple digital assets provide a gateway to profitably utilizing digital commerce for local media together with global financial distribution networks, and delivering optimal financial/social impact, with a measured return on investment.